Nobody assumes that their eagerly awaited holiday will bring something unexpected. However, before starting a journey it is advisable to remember about a well-selected insurance – a disease, an accident or the luggage getting lost may happen to anyone.
Especially for those of our clients who appreciate the sense of security and comfort during their stay abroad – either on holiday or on a business trip – we offer a rich protection package, active 24/7 throughout the world.
Whether you are a student or a business person, whether you travel alone or with your family – as a client you can configure your own policy according to your requirements and the character of your trip.

We have also prepared very attractive insurance options for clients who spend their time actively during their holidays. An additional premium will ensure that your insurance protection covers incidents which may occur when you practice sports on an amateur basis, both in summer and in winter.


What makes our offer special:

  • up to unlimited sum insured for medical expenses and additional travel costs,
  • the Assistance service available 24/7,
  • the insurance cover commencing even on the next day after the purchase.

Your sense of comfort and security while travelling is priceless. Make sure you have a carefree trip with ACE.


  • covering the costs of medical expenses,
  • covering the additional travelling costs, including medical transport and rescue operation,
  • Travel Assistance
  • accident insurance,
  • baggage protection,
  • replacement of travelling documents,
  • third party liability insurance,
  • covering the costs of legal protection.

Please contact us for your travel insurance when visiting Poland.