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Travel guide to Wroclaw

Wrocław is a city on the Oder River in western Poland. It’s known for its Market Square, lined with elegant townhouses and featuring a modern fountain. Also on the square is the Gothic Old Town Hall, with its large astronomical clock. Nearby is the Panorama of Racławice, a painting depicting the 1794 battle for independence. The Centennial Hall auditorium, with its giant dome and tall spire, lies across the river.

In 1741 Frederick the Great of Prussia took Silesia. Wroclaw then became part of Prussia and its name was changed to Breslau. Later it became part of Germany. In the late 19th century Germany industrialized and Wroclaw grew rapidly. Its industries boomed.

Meanwhile an academy was founded in 1702. In 1811 it became Wroclaw University. Also in 1811 Wroclaw Botanical Garden was founded. Meanwhile in 1785 Szczytnicki Park was laid out. It was destroyed during the Napoleonic Wars but became a park again afterwards. In 1810 one of the tributaries of the River Odra was filled in and Cathedral Island ceased to be an island. The Jewish Cemetery in Wroclaw was founded in 1856. (Wroclaw had a large Jewish community). Wroclaw Main Railway Station was built in 1857. Sand Bridge was built in 1861 and Wroclaw Zoo began in 1865. Tumski Bridge was built in 1890.

Partynice Racecourse opened in 1907. Hala Targowa (Market Hall) was built in 1908 and the Centennial Hall was built in 1913. Also in 1913 the Japanese Garden was founded.

During the Second World War the Germans turned Wroclaw into a fortress. It withstood a long siege by the Russians in 1945 during which most of the city was destroyed Wroclaw finally surrendered on 6 May 1945.

When Germany surrendered Wroclaw was handed back to Poland. The remaining Germans were expelled and the city was slowly rebuilt. The Panorama of Raclawice was made in 1894 and it went on display in Wroclaw in 1985. Wroclaw suffered a severe flood in 1997 but it soon recovered. In 1999 a monument to the victims of the massacre at Katyn in 1940 was erected.

Today Wroclaw is a thriving city. Wroclaw is a manufacturing center and hi tech industries are developing. Tourism in Wroclaw is also thriving. Today the population of Wroclaw is 631,000.

Magnolia Park retail center opened in 2007. Wroclaw fountain was built in 2009. A concrete sculpture called the Chair was erected in 2011. Also in 2011 Wroclaw Stadium opened. Sky Tower was built in 2012. Wroclaw will be European Capital of Culture in 2016.

Wroclaw is one of Poland's great cities. It began in the 10th century as a settlement on an island called Ostrow Tumski (Cathedral Island). In 990 Silesia and Wroclaw became part of Poland. In 1000 a bishopric (diocese of a bishop) was established there. In 1241 Wroclaw was devastated when the Mongols invaded eastern Europe. However the town was rebuilt south of the River. A market square was laid out and the town flourished again. (Wroclaw Market Square, The Rynek is the second largest market square in Europe). Then in 1335 Wroclaw came under Czech rule.

The oldest church in Wroclaw is the Church of St Giles, which was built about 1230. The Church of Saints Wenceslas, Stanislaw and Dorothy was founded in 1351. Saint Wenceslas was Czech, Stanislaw was Polish and Dorothy was German. The three saints represented the three nationalities living in the town. St Elizabeth's Church also dates from the 14th century.

Wroclaw grew larger under Czech rule but in 1526 it became part of the Hapsburg Empire. Meanwhile the Cathedral of St John the Baptist was built between the 13th century and the 16th century. Wroclaw Town Hall was rebuilt in the 13th century but later modified. The astronomical clock was built in 1580. The Church of the Holy Name of Jesus was built in the 1690s.

Wrocław​ has a vibrant nightlife and an abundance of great pubs and clubs to enjoy. We are constantly on the lookout for new venues and you can find the latest reviews of the best nightlife spots here on Wrocław​ Uncut.


Bezsennosc (Insomnia) Club, ul. Ruska 51
The most interesting night club in Wroclaw and a prime location to pull hot ass. Note that I used the word interesting, as this club is unlike any other club that I visited in Poland. It has an uber cool decor with renaissance style paintings adorning the walls and huge crimson drapes. Slightly older crowd and the girls are super cool in terms of their get-up and attitude. The dance floor is small in comparison, but that’s a common complaint in almost every night club in Poland. The night I went was just before Easter Friday so the crowd was noticeably thinner, but still I saw some dime pieces. Dress your best and you will stand out. Also, if you have cool and interesting stories to tell, you will leapfrog the competition. The girls who come here are not the bar skanks who go for fat wallets or meatheads, rather they appreciate a confident stylish man who has interesting experiences. Can’t really recommend any style of dancing as the music is quite a strange mix (rock, alternative, hip-hop).

Café Mańana, ul. Sw. Mikolaja 11
The best place in Wroclaw to pull a SNL (if that can be done). This cafe is spread over a ground+1 structure on one of the main market square back streets. There is a sort of lounge space on the ground floor and a nice, old Cuban style decor on the 1st floor with a small cramped dance floor. There is also a fairly big smoking area on the 1st floor. Manana is one of the very few places where you can actually manage to talk to a girl over the deafening din of music. The crowd here is also slightly on the older side, but I saw some students too. Quite a few singles and expats. Parties are packed every day and after 1 am, the place literally gets too crowded for comfort. I would recommend coming here early (say around 9 pm or so) and talking to the girls sitting in the lounge area. If you come here late, head straight for the smoking area on the 1st floor and see if you can snag a hottie there. Girls are cool and friendly. Just don’t behave like a typical horny British/Turkish/Italian guy and you will do fine.

Warning: This is one of the places where British Stag parties come often. The night I went there (Easter Friday), there was a stag party and they were creating a nuisance for every one. Beer guzzling, slobby British guys making buffoons of themselves and hitting on every available girl in sight. It was disgusting.

Manana was the place where I got my first make-out. I spoke to a girl in the smoking area for about 10-15 minutes (light gentle teasing, talking more about my positive experiences in Poland, travel in general), then invited her onto the Dance Floor and then went for the make out after 10-15 minutes of dancing. That set the trend for a predictable pattern in the upcoming days. Make-out which goes nowhere.

Eter Club, ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 19
The biggest club probably in the whole of Poland and quite modern too. Two floors of dance space and a great sound system. Doesn’t feel like your hair is standing on edge due to the loud grating music like other clubs. Mainstream music, house, hip-hop and RnB. There are around 4-5 bars and also a smoking room where you can take a break and chat up a hottie. On Thursdays when I went, they have student nights and the crowd is considerably younger. Fridays and Saturdays I’ve heard that this place is supposed to be packed. Spacious dance floor and this is probably the only club where you can approach multiple girls on the dance floor without being seen by everyone else. In other clubs that is as good as sabotaging your entire night. Not here. Since the crowd is younger and many students, peacocking will make the girls notice you. Same strategy as before. Talk to girls in the bars or the smoking room and then invite them to the dance floor.

Casa De La Musica, Rynek Ratusz 11-12
THE place to go in Wroclaw if you have good to mad Salsa skills. Seriously, I was there on a Wednesday evening and I saw 5 girls waiting in line to dance with 1 guy who had crazy good Salsa feet. This guy looked Latino and he was waltzing away with the ladies thru out the evening. All the Polish guys were sitting at the tables watching this guy and he was clearly working it. At around 1.30 am he walked off with a hot girl with whom he had been dancing on-off thru the evening. However I must say that all that expectation from all the girls had removed the exhilaration of dancing from the guys face. He looked more as if he were performing a mechanical job rather than anything else.
Casa is also the perfect spot to start your evening with a couple of drinks and then move out to someplace else. Its on the main square, has a great outdoor sitting area and the decor is just like a Cuban cafe from the 60s. Highly recommended if you have Salsa game. The women I saw here were all self assured, good looking babes who probably wouldn’t flinch from taking a man home if he made them feel good on the dance floor.

Scena Club
This club is more of a risky bet as the only thing attractive about it is the 25 PLN cover charge which covers ALL alcoholic drinks for the ENTIRE evening. Yes, you heard that right. For 25 PLN you can drink away the whole evening and not have to pay single penny. Beware tho that this applies only to alcoholic drinks. For water and all non alcoholic drinks you will still have to pay.
The crowd here is sort of trashy and very youngish, but since people start guzzling as soon as they get inside, you have girls getting sozzled by 11 pm or so. I was there on a Thursday evening and while the music and crowd didn’t exactly set the evening on fire, the drinks more than made up for it. Go here only if you want to have a great drinking time with your mates and don’t mind hitting on an average quality girl. I also heard that Scena is a gay friendly club but that wasn’t at all evident when I went there that night.

Alibi Club, pl. Grunwaldzki 30
This is supposed to be a happening student club, but when I went there, it was almost dead. Maybe it was because I went there on Easter Friday. But I have heard good things about this club. Since it is populated with students, one can expect the average age to be hovering around 20.

Daytona Music Club, Main Market Square
This is the place to go if you want to pick up your friendly neighborhood gold-digger. Throw a bit of cash around, buy shots for people at the bar and sure enough, you will soon have attention of one of the “money whores” sitting at/near the bar. Beware tho that they are interested only for your money and not anything else. I noticed some shifty characters in this club and I can only assume that they work with the money whores and are actively involved in trapping unsuspecting tourists. The music is trashy and the crowd even more so. Leaving aside the gold-diggers, the place is overrun with teens. Huge waste of time in my opinion and I certainly regret spending a couple of hours there.

Niebo Cafe, Ruska 51b
The best rock pub in Wroclaw. Dark, dingy and a slightly run-down appearance (altho by design I think). Go here if you want to meet rock chicks or the slightly artsy, independent, alternative ones. Not my type to be honest, but hey, to each his own. Socialising is good as the pub is spread over an outdoors area also. The crowd is mostly slightly older and quite interesting to talk to. The only complaint is that the music is so damn loud sometimes that it’s hard to talk without stepping outdoors. In any case, maybe worth a visit just to get a feel of the place, grab a couple of drinks, check out the girls and maybe talk to some and then head to the clubs. Beware of pick-pockets here.

Niskie Laki Pub, Ruska 46C
Strange place. Quirky, funny people there to talk to - but there are a lot of thieves too (pickpocket alert!) and if you don't smoke this place has thick cigarette smoke which fills up rather quickly. On a weekday I fancy it might be a good idea to bring a chick here to pile her with drinks, if you are staying near the main market square. However, tread with caution.

Cafe Afryka, Więzienna 21
A dope place to bring back a girl who you’ve insta-dated. Very nice decor, cosy, intimate, dark and soulful. Ideal place to start and escalate kino. I brought back one chick here and she was quite impressed as not many people know or frequent this place. On a blazing hot day, it can be an oasis of cool (literally). They have a wide selection of coffees and a moderate one of beers and drinks. Great place also to hang out, read a book and then day game the hotties on the Więzienna street.

Cafe Graciarnia, ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 39
Another dope spot for an insta-date or starting the evening with drinks. Similar to Cafe Afryka above except that it is probably more of a pub than a Cafe. There is literally a maze of rooms inside, each with very old cosy furniture. Think couches, lounge sofas and huge love chairs. Frequented by the cool and artsy good looking chicks. Classy place and completely off the tourist map. I can imagine that bringing a chick here would go down very well. Not a large collection of drinks tho.

Day Game:
Highly recommended and infinitely better than Krakow, where you are likely to encounter bitch shields and get shot down. In fact, given that the nightlife in Wroclaw is not that varied, day gaming could well be the first choice of game. I had a blast day gaming in Wroclaw and the only thing which prevented me from getting a notch was that it was bang in the middle of Easter and most chicks I spoke to were leaving that very day or the next to their home towns and villages. Lesson learnt. Avoid Poland during religious festivals.

Galeria Dominikanska: Pl. Dominikanski 3
Huge shopping mall close to the main market square. This place is packed with people at all times and a good proportion of those are hotties. You could spend all day, day-gaming here. Great location to day game during lunch break between 1200 and 1330 as many hotties work in the nearby commercial offices and pop in for a quick bite. Also good between 1700 and 1900 when many people leave offices and head to the mall for a coffee before heading back home. There is a good sprinkling of small delis, eateries and cafes in the mall.

Main Market Square (Rynek Glowny)
As expected the main market square is quite full and filled with people at all times. Beware tho that you will bump into many tourists here. Might not necessarily be a bad thing, but then I might as well stay in Switzerland and do that. The attitude of the girls I was day gaming on the main market square was a 180 degree turnaround from my eventual experience on the main market square in Krakow. I even opened a full on HB 9 here, did some gentle teasing (she worked in a bank), some light kino (palm reading) but when I tried to transition her to an insta date, she backed out. Very gracious in saying no and wished me good luck with other Polish girls . Classic.

There are three particular streets next to the Main market square which I found had a higher proportion of hotties.
Ulica Więzienna,
Ulica Kuznicza and
Ulica Olawska.
The first two lead up to the University and the last one leads up to Galeria Dominikanska.

Plac Universytecki
Close to Main market Square at the end of Więzienna and Kuznicza
This is a small square just behind the grand University facade which overlooks one of the lakes. It is packed with tons of students at all times. A day gamers mecca. Just make sure that you approach discreetly as it is quite possible that you will bump into the same girl later on while you are hitting on someone else. It wasn’t that crowded during Easter time but I’ve been told that it is like a market place during normal school session. Dress to impress and be well groomed as all the Polish guys I saw here were probably the worst dressed and groomed of all guys I saw in Poland.

Vyspa Slodowa (Slodowa island)
This is an island around 15 minutes walk from the city centre. The one great thing about this island is that the Polish police don’t check whether you are drinking in the open here and therefore it is packed with students and people getting off work early evening. Prime time to come here would be around 5.30 pm or so. Walk around, get a feel of the casual, laidback atmosphere. Tonnes of girls in groups of 2 and 3. Rare to see a girl alone unless she is walking around after work back home. You will have to group game here, but worth it in my opinion. The quality also is around the 6.5 – 7.5 range so not that bad. Ideal place to start off an evening with a few beers and relaxed conversation before escalating to a quiet drinking place and then maybe to a club. I followed the same route to get my notch in Wroclaw.

Dope eating places:
The happy and satisfied playa needs to operate on a full stomach. With that view in mind, I am presenting the below eating places.

First of all, avoid all eating places on the main market square with maybe the exception of the greek restaurant. It has a very nice decor and some good dishes. The prices are slightly touristy but in my opinion worth it. But this is the only place I will recommend on the main square.

Kurna Chata, Odrzanska 17
Very nice place for good, wholesome Polish food. Decor is old and cosy. Typical main course + 1 drink will cost you around 20-23 PLN.

Bazylia, Ulica Kuznicza 42
This is the student canteen at the University, but it is also open to outsiders. Beware that the menu is in Polish and will lead to some hilarious unintended consequences if you dont know what you are ordering. It is more of a basic meat and bread kind of place but very cheap. A meal here consisting of 1 main course and a drink will be around 15 PLN. Of course there are all the cute students who you can check out and even talk to while eating. Big portions that you may not be able to finish.

Spice India, ul. Wita Stwosza 15a
Great Indian food, but slightly pricey place. A main course + naan + 1 drink will be around 45 PLN.

I managed to get my Polish flag in Wroclaw thru social circle. I had contacted a cool chick on CS prior to landing in Wroclaw, who invited me to one of her Polish friends house for a party. There I met a couple of chicks who were friends with the CS chick. They were studying in Wroclaw university. I was more into the brunette who was like a 7.5, but the blond (6.5) was more eager and seemed DTF. Fortunately for me, they had done a 1 year of exchange in the UK, so I was able to run classic cocky funny game on them and they completely lapped it up.

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