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Shopping in Poland

Shopping in Poland is definitely one of the best locations for shopping in Europe.

The high level of shops, shopping centers and modern new Out Lets gives the chance to buy and not to come back with empty pocket.

All the major Brand Names are there and sometimes up to discounted prices of 90% lower than in London or Germany, but, need to know where to buy to enjoy the low prices.

Usually it's recommended to try the Out Lets across Poland, and here you have 5 the best and  famous of them:

  1. Ptak - Ptak Outlet is located in the centre of Poland and one of the biggest combined from 2800 shops and Halls for wholesellers , in Rzgow near the city of Lodz, and reflects Lodz’s heritage as the former centre of the Polish textile industry. 

    Inside the centre, stores offer typical discounts of between 30% and 90%, with additional bargains available during special promotions. Throughout Ptak Outlet there are a wide range of stores supplying women’s fashion, men’s fashion, children’s fashion, footwear, sports and outdoor clothing and equipment, and lingerie. For shoppers with kids there are top Polish children’s wear brands such as Tup Tup and Smyk with clothes for all ages. Also, at weekends, Kraina Dziecka provides video games consoles, ball pool, organized games, painting and drawing to keep the little ones entertained free of charge and supervised by qualified staff.

    Refreshment options include nibbling on the Confectionary Filipiak’s homemade delights or the popular Kebab Grill for hot snacks. Also, Jesz Co Chcesz (literally Eat What You Want) offers a novel dining experience; with a wide range of choice of both international and traditional Polish dishes all  prepared from fresh ingredients, customers select their own food to get precisely the portions they want - all ingredients are the same price, the plate is simply weighed to get the price. 

Brands: Adidas, Alpenpark, America, Americanos, Amora, Andy, Atlantic, Atomic, Baldinini, Bayla, Bialcon, Big Star, Brugi, Bugatti, Camel, City Sport, Cropp, Cross, Dajar, Dare 2b, Diverse, Ecco, Esotiq, Eterna, Gabor, Gatta, Gattinoni, Gerry Weber, Gold Sport, Hexeline, Hi Tec, Högl, House, I Love Fashion, Italian fashion, Jack Jones, Kaos, Kastor, Kolporter, Lacoste, Lancerto, Lavard, McArthur, Mohito, Moodo, Mustang, O’neill, Only, Pako Lorient, Panar, Pierre Cardin, Puma, Reebok, Regatta, Salomon, Snipe, Solar, Sumatra, Tom Tailor, Tommy Hilfiger, Top Secret, Triumph, Underground, Unisono, Benetton, Venezia, Vero Moda, Volcano, Wilson, Willsoor, Wolczanka.

Address :  Ptak Outlet

ul. Żeromskiego 8
95-030 Rzgów

Phone : + 48 42 235 26 30 

City tour to Ptak

2. Krakow Factory Outlet - Only fifteen minutes from the city centre of Krakow, a city which can trace its history back well over 1000 years, Factory Krakow is situated at the junction of two major auto-routes and is served by a free bus service making it readily accessible for browsers and bargain hunters alike. 

With typical discounts between 30% and 70% off the recommended prices for high street stores, the centre offers bargains in women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, sportswear, shoes, lingerie, accessories, kitchen accessories, tableware, cutlery, perfume, cosmetics and eyecare. The great fashion brands available include Guess, Chicco, O´Neill, Caramelo, Reebok, Samsonite, Miss Sixty, BillaBong, Mango, Pepe Jeans, Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Lee, Dockers, Rip Curl and Desigual. For ladies, or gentlemen looking for a special gift idea, the centre also has a range of lingerie brands including Calzedonia, Dalia and Gatta.

To replenish your energy for more bargain hunting, the centre offers a range of cafes and coffee bars to rest your weary legs and arms. Lodomania is a dessert heaven for sweet and ice cream lovers, So!Coffee and Coffee Heaven offer coffee and cakes, while the Olimp self service restaurant offers a range of Polish and Mediterranean dishes. 

Brands: Badura, Bayla, Ecco, Filippo, Gabor, Goex, Gino Rossi, Intershoe, Kari, Kazar, Kulig, Mustang, Symbiosis, Venezia, Atlantic, Calzedonia, Dalia, Gatta, Italian fashion, Guess, Chicco, O´neill, Caramelo, Reebok, Samsonite, Miss Sixty, Billabong, Mango, Pepe Jeans, Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Lee, Dockers, Rip Curl, Desigual, Levis, Nike, Gas, Benetton, Asics, Calvin Klein, Converse, Gant, Lindt, Puma, Triumph, Vanity Fair, Dajar, Home & Cook, Home Outlet, Tchibo

Address :  Krakow Factory Outlet

Prof. A. Rożańskiego 32
32-085 Modlniczka

Phone : +48 12 297 35 00 

3. Fashion House Gdansk - The design of the Gdansk Fashion House Outlet Center reflects the city’s heritage as a major Baltic seaport, Poland’s largest. The centre is home to around 100 top brands and has been designed to resemble a traditional fishing village with the stores in wooden ‘houses’ decorated with fishing nets and lifebuoys; complete with a 25 metre high lighthouse guiding visitors to the entrance.

Once inside this relaxing setting, shoppers will find a great range of European and global fashion brands with typical discounts of up to 70% - everything is discounted by at least 30% but look out for special deals with discounts up to 90% (check out the Promotions page on the centre’s website for details). Reflecting the outdoor nature of the Baltic coast, the Fashion House Outlet Centre in Gdansk is especially strong on sportswear with around 20 top brands such as 4F, Nike, Asics, Hi Tec, Quiksilver, Salomon, Brugi, Regatta, Horyzont and Mountain Warehouse.

Gdansk Fashion House Outlet Centre  also has a good range of food outlets to take time out from bargain hunting such as Ice Cafe and So!Coffee for a quick break, or Pekin Bar and Rucolina’s restaurant with its traditional cuisine and locally sourced food - something for most tastes in a pleasant setting.

Brands: 4F, Adidas, Adventure Sport, Alberto Violli, Alibione,, Aryton, Asics, Atlantic, Avenir Twoje Soczexki, Badura, Bajkowy Labirynt, Bennetton, Big Star, Borsellino, Brand Collection, Brugi, Camel, Coccodrillo, Coverse, Cropp, Cross, Dajar, Dan Hen, Danske Mearke, Diverse, e-shoes, Essa, Eva Minge & Esotiq, Ewtex, Filippo, Gabor, Gatta, Geox, Giacomo Conti, Gino Rossi, Heavy Duty, Hi Mountain, Hi Tec, Home & Cook, Horyzont, T&M, Ice Cafe, In Medio, Izzi, Kappa, Karino, Kazar, Kemer, Lacoste, Lancerto, Lavard, Lee Cooper, Levi, McArthur, Mexx, Mituu, Mountain Warehouse, Mustang, MZGZ, Necessity, Nike, Ochnik, Olsen Bianca, Pepe Jeans, Pierre Cardin, Pretty Woman, Puere, Puma, Queen, Quiksilver, Quiosque, Ravel, Reebok, Regatta, Reporter, Salomon, ScotFree, Simple, Smoo & Go, Solar, Stefanel, Sumatra, Symbiosis, SzuzSzop, Taranko, Tatuum, Timerland, Tine Trend, Tom Tailor, Trespass, Triumph, Umbro, Venezia, Vero Moda, Verssen, Tommy Hilfiger, Villeroy & Boch, Vinceza, Vistula & Wolczanka, Volcano, White Star, Willsoor, Wittchen, Wrangler

Address :  Fashion House Gdansk

Przywidzka 8,
80-014 Gdańsk

Phone : +48 58 320 99 44 

4. Piaseczno Fashion House Warsaw - South of the Polish capital of Warsaw’s city centre in the suburb of Piaseczno, the Warsaw Fashion House Outlet Centre has been designed to reflect the traditional architectural style of Warsaw’s Old Town with its elegant coloured buildings and varying rooflines. Warsaw Old Town itself is now a UNECSO World Heritage Site, recognising the way it was meticulously rebuilt after the damage of World War 2 using as many of the original bricks and decorations as possible.

With more than 100 stores the site is Fashion House’s largest outlet centre in Poland, each offering minimum discounts of 30%, rising to 70% for some ranges, and some special promotions offering up to 90% off the recommended high street prices. The centre has a strong range of men’s and women’s fashion wear with top brands such as Badura, Mango, Atlantic, Trussardi and Tom Tailor; plus high quality shoes such as Ravel and Clemente. Sportswear fans are also well catered for with brands such as 4F, Adidas, Nike, Hi Tec, Quiksilver, Salomon and Mountain Warehouse.

For a break from searching out great bargains, shoppers can relax and unwind with a choice of cafes and restaurants. Visitors can pick up a coffee, pastry or ice cream at outlets such as the Carte D’Or Cafe, SO!Coffee and Zielona Budka; or grab a burger or grill at Domi Corner.

Brands: 4F, Adidas, Alibione, Atlantic, Badura, Bagatelle, Bajkowy Labirynt, Barakuda, Besta Plus, Bialcon, Big Star, Boss, Clemente, Converse, Cross, Dajar, Diverse, Ecco, Essa, Felina, Ferroni/Taurus, Festina, Filippo, Furla, Gabor, Gatta, Geox, Gino Rossi, Greno, Guess, Hi Mountain, Hi Tec, Home & Cook, Hogi, In Medio, Joop, Kael, Kantor, Kazar, Ksantos, Lancerto, Lavard, Lee Cooper, Levi, Malou, Mango, Marilyn, Marks & Spencer, McArthur, Mexx, Moulton, Mountain Warehouse, Mustang, Nike, No Comment, Nowakowski, Ochnik, Olsen Bianca, Paris Optique, Perfumeria Frivol, Pinko, Pro Sport, Puma, Quiksilver, Ravel, Reebok, Rey jay, Ryfko, Salamander, Salomon, Samsonite, Schiesser, ScotFree, Solar, Stefanel, Swiss, Symbiosis, SzuzSzop, Taranko, Tatuum, Tchibo, Timberland, Tom Tailor, Tommy Hilfiger, Trespass, Triumph, Trussardi, Tuzzi, Umbro, Unisono, Venezia, Vero Moda, Villeroy & Boch, VIP Man, Vistula & Wolczanka, W Kruk, Willsoor, Wittchen

Address :  Piaseczno Fashion House Warsaw

Putawska 42E,
05-500 Piaseczno

Phone : +48 22 737 31 15 

5. Wrocław Factory Outlet - Wroclaw is the fourth largest city in Poland situated in the far south west of the country approximately 100 kilometres from the border with the Czech Republic and 175 kilometres from Germany. The city itself has retained many of its attractive bridges and buildings making it a popular visitor destination.

Factory Wroclaw offers a wide range of bargains in women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, fashion and practical sportswear, footwear, fashion accessories, lingerie and items for the home. All stores in the outlet centre offer great discounts - from a minimum of 30% off the recommended retail prices for high street stores, rising to 70% on many lines and special promotions offering even greater discounts; including periodic money back recycling promotions to help clear out your wardrobe.

The centre also has a newsagent, perfumery and travel agency. The centre has a choice of food outlets. Chill out in the Furore ice cream parlour; watch the world go by over a coffee and cake at So!Coffee; grab a Big Mac at McDonalds; or eat at the unusual Domowe Smaki restaurant which serves a wide range of traditional Polish and Italian all sold by weight, allowing you to choose a portion size that suits your appetite.

Brands: Guess, Olsen, Albione, Big Star, Bytom, Cross, Diverse, Ewtex, Lancerto, Lavard, Lee Cooper, Levis, Magna, Pepe Jeans, Prochnik, ScotFree, Tatuum, Tom Tailor, Tommy Hilfigger, Vero Moda, Willsoor, Wrangler, Zdvowa Stopka, Benetton, Coccodrillo, 4F, Adidas, Asics, Brugi, Hi Tec, Nike, Puma, Quiksilver, Reebok, Salomon, Converse, Ecco, Filippo, Gabor, Gino Rossi, Kasar, McArthur, Quadri Foglio, Salamander, Symbiosis, Atlantic, Calvin Klein, Calzedone, Gatta, Italian fashion, La Vantile, Triumph, Apart, Bellugio, Claire’s, Ochnik, Puccini, VIP, Wittchen, Dajar, Greno, Home & Cook

Address :  Wrocław Factory Outlet

Graniczna 2
54-610 Wrocław

Phone : + 48 71 374 00 45