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Moszna Fairy-Tale Weekend

5% Discount

The Fairy-Tale Weekend…. Moszna Castle

It is one of the youngest residential castles in Silesia, an architectural colossus (63000 m³ of cubic capacity, 7000 m² of surface area, 360 rooms, 99 turrets). An eclectic castle with neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance features. At present, it is the seat of the Neurological Therapy Centre. In the summer, it is the place of the Blooming Azaleas Music Festival. Moszna Castle is placed in Opole voivodeship in the Western Part of Upper Silesia, approximately 120km away from Wroclaw. This picturesque castle is one of Upper Silesia’s main monuments which you can see in Opole region’s TV spot. It’s located in a small village called Moszna and its history reaches back to the 17th century though at the beginning of the 20th century,  a group of investigators claimed upon their findings that the castle has cellars that might be remnants of a Templar castle. Unfortunately, this theory hasn’t been proved since and remains a supposition but certainly does add a pinch of mysteriousness to this place…

Moszna Castle is great to go to with children as there is plenty of space for them to run around and explore. There’s a small 200 hectares park/ garden right behind the castle where you can spread a blanket and relax. There are benches you can sit on or you can go for a walk around the place. ( Watch out for mosquitos! ) There are also stables open to visitors where one can have a look at the horses.

Package include:

2 nights – 1 DBL Deleuxe room – 169 Euro (Price is per 2 adults in the room)

2 nights – Apartment 2 people – 174 Euro (Price is per 2 adults in the apartment)

2 nights – Apartment 5 people  – 395 Euro (Price is up to 5 adults in the apartment)

The package is available also for other dates (can be at all days of the week)