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Online Trip Planner

Instructions to use Tour Poland Online Trip Planner Directions map:

Press “Center Map” at the top of the map

1.Click on the “Point” you are (the city you are now)  or click “My Location” (your mobile or your computer will trace your location, you need to allow this action), and than click “Directions to”.

You can choose directions either by: Car, Public Transport or by Walk

2.Write the name you want to go like : “warsaw, Poland” or “Grzybowska 77, warsaw, Poland”

3.Press “Get Directions” , You will have the detailed directions (either from your current location or from the location you choose) to your destination. You can also print your trip.

Our Warsaw main office in Grzybowska 77 (near the Up Rising museum in the city center) will be glad to assist you with any information you need for your Poland tour include maps, books and any assistant you may need. We are open from Monday to Friday 08:00 am – 18:00 pm.

We also operate 24 hours HOT line 7 days a week to assist any traveler +48 42 2083111 for any needed assistance in Poland.

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