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Nature in Poland

Poland is a big central European country, with plenty natural attractions. It spreads from Baltic Sea on the north to the mountains on the south. Polish landscape is very diverse. Due to our eventful history, where many cultures met, our country became more interesting in terms of material and spiritual culture.

Baltic Sea:

The natural border of Poland in the north is Baltic Sea. The coast is over 440 km long. Long, white, sandy beaches are probably one of the most beautiful in Europe (in the world if you ask any Polish person). You can walk many kilometers without meeting any obstacles. Toward to the eastern part of the coast there is Helski Peninsula. Almost 40 km long and only 150 meters wide in the narrowest place! This is the place where polish surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers go. You can really feel the atmosphere of “flip flops and board shorts” there. Going further east there is Trojmiast (Tricity), which consists of Gdynia, Gdansk and Sopot located so close to each other that sometimes considered as one. This is a worth seeing place for sure! Gdansk with all its monuments and old building and churches and amazing harbor is beautiful. In the contrast to that there is modern Sopot full of cool places to go, trendy clubs, hotels and restaurants.


The Great Masurian Lakes:

This part of north Poland is a most convenient land to sail. The Great Masurian Lakes consist of 45 lakes, most of them are connected by canals. This beautiful place is surrounded by forests and villages. It is full of little harbors. Two biggest lakes are located there too. It is Sniardwy and Mamry. All these facts make it the main destination for inland sailors. Several marinas in the region of the Great Masurian Lakes have mooring places, shops catering for sailors, boat- -builder’s workshop, bars and Caverns. You can experience adventure there and rest in the beautiful place. This area is also perfect for bike trips!


The Mountains:

The south of Poland is dominated by mountains. People that live there stayed faithful to their traditions, what makes that part of the country an amazing place. Small villages where life is simple and consistent with nature. Bigger cities like Zakopane, where you can taste some of real Polish culture. In this area there is also a lot of great places to go snowboarding in winter. In Poland you can go to:

  • Zieleniec
  • Czarna Gora
  • Szczyrk
  • Zakopane
  • Białka Tatrznska
  • Krynica Gorska
  • Wierchomla
  • Korbielów

In summer you can go hiking, admire amazing views and enjoy traditional Polish products there.


The ancient woods:

Bialowieza National Park:

Bialowieza National Park is a huge area located on the border of Poland and Belarus. On the polish side it covers over 100 square kilometers and has been declared as an UNESCO Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve. The nature is preserved there the way it used to be hundreds years ago throughout Europe. Amazing forests and wealth of animals attract thousands of visitors every year, which can visit this virgin forests only in a strictly controlled areas. It is the only place in Europe where you can see real untouched by human nature.