The Great Mazurian Lake District is one of the most beautiful places in Poland and offers excellent tourist and recreational attractions. It is called The Land of One Thousand Lakes although there are twice as many lakes here. Some of those lakes are well connected through picturesque rivers and canals, creating long trails many kilometers in length. The most famous canals is the Elblag Canal using an unique system of inclined planes allowing travelling by ship on the land.

The region is also famous for its forests and numerous parks and reservoirs. You can see here rolling hills filled with countless lakes, surrounded by wild forests. Moreover, you can visit well-preserved, magnificent gothic castles, churches and palaces. Poland boasts 100 amazing monuments of which 16 can be found in Mazury .

In 1410 the famous battle of Grunwald allied forces from Poland and Lithuania fought the famous battle of Grunwald against the Teutonic Order, in which they were victorios. Today the place is very popular with tourists who every year in June come to Grunwald to celebrate the great national victory and watch an amazing performance bringing back the past and presenting the knights’ culture. You can also visit Gierłoz near Ketrzyn where there are ruins of Hitler’s headquarters from II World War and The Folk Architecture Museum and Ethnographic Park in Olsztynek.

Mazury belongs to a region which is called the Green Lungs of Poland- an area covered with lush forests, meadows and lakes. This area because of its unique features is recognized not only in Poland, but on the entire continent, and is also called Green Lungs of Europe.

tretching across over 300 km and surrounded by forests and meadows, are over 2000 lakes, many of them interconnected by rivers and canals, the Mazury lake district in north east Poland is one of the country’s favourite tourist destinations, and also known as the land of a thousand lakes.

Lake District Attractions

Tourists flock to the region during the summer time particularly to enjoy yachting, kajaking, angling, the peace and quiet, wild forests, natural food, and unique historic sights of interest such as the castles of the Teutonic knights and significant military fortifications.

Enjoy driving along the tree lined countryside roads, through  forests and fields, across canals and bridges, undulating hilly landscapes, summer time festivals and timber architecture.

Polish Lake District Resorts

The most popular tourist resorts, include Wegorzewo, Olecko, Mragowo, Gizycko, Mikolajki and Ruciane Nida, many of the resorts are interconnected via canals and lakes, so simply choose your vessle and set sail, to get away from the resorts and to explore the natural habitat and smaller settlements.

Lake Sniardwy

Poland’s largest lake, Sniardwy is over 10 miles long and 8 miles wide, up to 75 feet deep in places, has 8 islands and connects with numerous other lakes and canals all part of the Mazury waterways.