What to see in Poznan

What to see in Poznan

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Poznan is one of the oldest cities in Poland and situated in west central Poland in the Wielkopolska region, Poznan is an intriguing blend of history and modernity.

Poznan is such an interesting city which offers travelers an exciting experience. This vivid town has much in store; scenic countryside adorned with tropical forests and lakes; quaint bistros, local restaurants and fascinating museums. The infrastructure, art and architecture that show the rich history of the region are worth visiting. The exceptional soul of Poznan will be appreciated by tourists as they tread the fabled tourist route, Royal Imperial. Here are the top seven spots to visit in Poznan.


Old Market Square – In your Poznan excursion, begin by touring the Old Market Square, the third biggest in Poland. This is a fascinating view on the lovely merchants houses from the 16th century. Every year during the month of June, the Old Market Square becomes a vivacious street fair. During summer, there are cultural events such as the Malta Theater Festival.

Town Hall Building and Imperial Castle – Check out the beautiful buildings such as the renaissance Town Hall building and the Imperial Castle. The Town Hall building was refurbished after World War II and this is where the city’s historical museum is found. The Imperial Castle, home to Kaiser Wilhelm II.

The very last royal abode constructed in Europe in the 20th century. At present, The theater operates as a place for events such as concerts.

Ostrow Tumski Island – If you want to visit the first ever Cathedral and bishopric in Poland, then go to Ostrow Tumski Island.

Maltanskie Lake – You can also have a relaxing and enjoyable time at the Maltanskie Lake. It is near to the city proper. It is the perfect spot for outdoor pursuits like walking, biking, jogging and swimming. This 6 kilometer area is surrounded by bistros, restaurants, shopping center and sports facilities. The lake also hosts events, such open air concerts during the summer.

Musical Instruments Museum – If you’re a music lover, drop by the Musical Instruments Museum located at the Old Market Square where you can find a wide anthology of musical instruments plus the highlight, which is Chopin’s piano and memorabilia.

This post is part of our Poland travel guide series, along with our guide to Krakow, Warsaw,Wroclaw and Gdansk.

Rogalin – The picturesque palace Rogalin which is located 30 kilometers from Poznan is a Baroque style building which has an art gallery, coach house and small museum. It also has a scenic Baroque park, chapel and a restaurant which is open from April to December.

The best months to visit Poznan are in May to September, during the warm Polish summertime. Visitors will also find the spring and autumn shoulder seasons a little cooler but with less tourists. Winter can be cold but fun.




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Country Poland
Languages spokenPolish
Currency usedPLN
Area (km2)261 km

Sports & nature

  • Lake Maltańskie Situated only 2 kilometres from the Old Market Square. Various sporting events are held at the regatta track, most important of which are the world and European championships in water sports. Around the lake you can find sports centres, hiking and bicycle paths, mini golf and boule courses, an all-year-round ski slope with an Adrenaline Alpine Coaster.
  • Citadel Park In the 19th century, the Winiary Hill located north of the Old Town was turned into fortifications. After the WW II the place has been turned into a large park (nearly 100 ha in area). Today the Citadel is Poznań’s favourite relax and leisure location. Remnants of the fortress house the Museum of Arms and the ‘Poznań’ Army Museum. It is also the place where, in 2002, Magdalena Abakanowicz, a world-famous Polish artist, created an open-air exhibition of her sculptures.
  • Botanical Garden Poznań Botanical Gardens have been established between 1922 and 1925. In the area of 22 hectares it gathers the impressive collection of over 7 thousand species and varieties of plants from nearly all climate zones on Earth.
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    Nightlife info

  • Tapas Bar Poznan It's no surprise that Tapas Bar recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. A sophisticated but eccentric crowd pack the place out every weekend to enjoy the outstanding cocktails and top atmosphere.
  • Kuźnia Rock Pub Poznan There’s never a dull moment in one of the liveliest rock and Karaoke bars in Poznan. Be prepared for a Stella night out.
  • Fever Club Poznan Amazingly, Fever sells almost every drink you can think of. Set as a 70's themed disco, it's a really nice place to dance and let your hair down.
  • Setka Pub Poznan For real lovers of beer, Setka has a selection that will blow you mind. Whatever you fancy, they’ll have something that will quench your desire.
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    Culture and history info

  • The National Museum of Poznan is home to an extensive collection of Polish and European art. The pieces cover the last two centuries and are on display in a huge network of rooms. Some of Polands bigger names, like Matejko and Wyspianski, can be found here along with a good assortment of Italian, Flemish, Dutch and Spanish. The Polish coffin portraits are worth taking a look at as well as the woodcarving and paintings displayed in the basement.
  • Within the walls of the Kaiserhaus is the Zamek Cultural Center, that host many different events: Art cinema, exhibitions, music and other cultural events are happening here on any given day and in summer the Zamek's courtyard is rigged up to host a range of concerts. The Dubliner and Blue Note Jazz Club, two of Poznan's more popular watering holes, are resident at the Zamek
  • Old Market Square: was built 1551 (mechanical billy goats )
  • Parish Church of St. Stanislaus
  • LECH Brewery Visitors Center
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